The industrial and business scenario is fast changing. Increased industrial activity and production brings with it greater unrest and more security threats. The need for professional security in every organization is increasing. The role of a professional security organization today is on the rise and is seen as an equally important input in the growth of an organization, a need that cannot be ignored.
Guardwell Detective Services Pvt Ltd., was freshly incorporated in the year 2001 and is presently a premier security agency in South India having deployment of above 5000 personnel in the field. It is recognized by various organizations like American Society for Industrial Security, Karnataka Security Services Association and Indian Institute of Security Management.
Guardwell is amongst the few guarding companies who have been certified by the Internal Security Department of Karnataka and have obtained the PSARA License. In addition all process and procedures laid down by the PSARA Act are rigidly followed
Managing Director Mr. Vishwanath V Katti, B.Sc. (Criminology) has varied experience in the field of Criminology and Forensic Sciences who is also an expert in investigations (Domestic and International). Presently he is The Chapter Chairman – Central Association of Private Security Investigation (CAPSI) Karnataka and The Vice Chairman – Central Association of Private Security Investigation (CAPSI) Delhi.
Capt. Muralidharan M Asst. General Manager Administration Tata Consultancy Services
Please congratulate the team for an Excellent Consolidation of Assets list.

Thank you for your timely follow up action in handing over the culprit to the Police station and registering FIR. keep it up. I take this opportunity to congratulate the guards on duty viz. Mr.Manoj and Mr. Pravin Kr. Das for showing courage to apprehend the criminal with stolen property. Pl convey my personal appreciation for the good work done by them.

I want to recognize and appreciate the honesty and sincerity shown by security staff at Pioneer area. Today morning I lost my wallet near my bike and security incharge Samit Ghaush , sharmas V and basement guard Goutam das as co-ordinated and kept my valuables at security gate. They kept all the valuables intact and returned my belonging to me after proper verification. I am happy that we have such an honest and dedicated security team in Pioneer premises. Thanks a lot and keep it up team!
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