What we offer is not just numbers, but a security management system that is based on modular systems and processes, higher grade manpower, better trained personnel and results in a much more effective system, better resource management and consistent services over the years.


Training School: Headed by a person hailing from the armed forces. The syllabi to train the guards is based on the research done by us and some of the subjects include subjects on Visitor & Vendor Management, Fire Fighting & Safety, Escort Duty, ATM Management, Material Flow Management, Bomb Threat & Evacuation Procedure, Mail Room Management, Gate duties, Pilferage control in Retail etc.


Supervision: A well worked out Supervision Process to ensure that our Quality Standards are being met & Delivered through our services. It Includes:

      Continuous Supervision through Patrolling Staff
Continuous Supervision by Senior Management
  ERT: Four wheelers accessible with wireless sets to combat any crisis at the clients facility  
  Control Room functioning 247/365 days  

Why Employees partner with us

  We at Guardwell follow the basic tenets of Employee Retention :  
Inculcate a culture of taking Pride in working for the Organization  
Meaningful compensation for work done  
Autonomy at Work  
Professional Development  
Job Security  
Work Recognition  

We constantly work towards finding new meanings to these tenets based on the ever changing environment.


Every individual from the guard level to the Top Management is continuously trained to take up higher responsibilities, thereby developing their individual personalities, increased compensation and work recognition.


Needless to say that Job Security has never been a challenge for Guardwell, with the ever growing market for security services. With offices spread across South India, we offer the benefit of relocation to the employees based on their need.

Capt. Muralidharan M Asst. General Manager Administration Tata Consultancy Services
Please congratulate the team for an Excellent Consolidation of Assets list.

Thank you for your timely follow up action in handing over the culprit to the Police station and registering FIR. keep it up. I take this opportunity to congratulate the guards on duty viz. Mr.Manoj and Mr. Pravin Kr. Das for showing courage to apprehend the criminal with stolen property. Pl convey my personal appreciation for the good work done by them.

I want to recognize and appreciate the honesty and sincerity shown by security staff at Pioneer area. Today morning I lost my wallet near my bike and security incharge Samit Ghaush , sharmas V and basement guard Goutam das as co-ordinated and kept my valuables at security gate. They kept all the valuables intact and returned my belonging to me after proper verification. I am happy that we have such an honest and dedicated security team in Pioneer premises. Thanks a lot and keep it up team!
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